1. Before the Event


    Step 1: Make sure to join our Discord server.

    The server invite can be found here: https://discord.gg/M5bqQ79K8a

    Here’s a quick breakdown of important channels to get you familiarized with the server!:

    • #announcements: Be notified of what’s going on in the hackathon. Any important pings here will tag @everyone, so check any notifications that happen here.

    • #resources: For general resources to help you during the event.

    • #frequently-asked-questions: For any questions you may have, be sure to check here first!

    • #submission-guidelines: Be sure to read here to know what you should submit. Details will be posted closer to the deadline.

    • #introductions: Introduce yourself! Flybits and the team want to get to know you.

    • #office-hour channels: If you would like one-on-one help from Flybits representatives, head to the office-hour channels.

    • Workshop Discussion channels are also available for you to get involved during the workshops

    Step 2: Be sure to sign up on Devpost.  

    Discussions, communication, and announcements are all conducted on Discord, but your submissions will be handed in through Devpost as it serves as the event’s submission page. 

    ONE person can create a project on behalf of their team, but please ensure that your entire team is onboarded onto this hackathon’s Devpost page so that you can submit your work and have it reviewed by judges on presentation day.

    Here’s how you can get started:

    1. Hit "Join Hackathon" on your Devpost dashboard
    2. Submit the registration form

    3. You should now be on the landing page. Hit “Start Project” on the right hand side of the page.

    4. Invite your team! There is an invite box in which you can input your team members’ emails to invite them to the project OR you can send the provided invitation link to them.

    5. Provide the requested information for your project as you go – once you’ve completed your submission, you may complete the rest of the form and submit your project.

      1. (See the ‘Submission Guidelines’ section for more details) Projects will provide a presentation deck (PDF), a repository link/link to working project, and an OPTIONAL demo video (demo can also be provided in your live presentation – this is just for the judges’ reference in case your team has an extensive demo). 

    Step 3: Read The Schedule.

    Our schedule is on page 15. Read it over to learn what the structure of the week will look like. We advise you to mark workshop and office hour dates to avoid missing them! The hacking window is only 48 hours long, so good time management will be necessary to complete your project!

    Step 4: Attend our workshops and Flybits’ live walkthrough and pre-download any software needed.

    You can find a list of our workshops on page 17 – we highly recommend that you attend these workshops, as we will be guiding participants through relevant skills. 

    In Flybits’ walkthrough of the Experience Studio, participants will get a live demo and guide of their innovative platform. (Hint: this will be relevant to the case!) Be sure to double check what’s required for workshops you want to attend and download any software for them beforehand to be prepared.

    Step 5: Understand The Theme and Sponsor.


    Take some time to read over the event and sponsor descriptions so that you’re prepared to make a project that appeals to them. We would even recommend doing quick research (ex. Visiting Flybits page and familiarizing yourself with their products from a high level). Our judges are a split of both students and industry members from our sponsors, so it’s important to come up with a project that is both innovative from a student standpoint, as well as feasible and relevant for our sponsors.