The BizTech Virtuathon is more than your ordinary hackathon event – it is the product of synergies between an Engineering (UTMIST) and a Commerce student club (RCEO) seeking to create a universal, multidisciplinary experience for all students at the University of Toronto. Our mission is to encourage STEM and business students to collaborate by applying their respective practical strengths to developing a solution to a real-world case. This year marks the first iteration of the BizTech Virtuation in partnership with our corporate sponsor FlyBits who will be presenting a company-relevant problem, and they look forward to evaluating the creative submissions that talented teams will come up with by the end of the hackathon.


Throughout the week, workshops will be held by RCEO, UTMIST, and external thought leaders to provide hackers the opportunity to review/develop technical topics such as Python basics and machine learning, as well as professional skills such as pitching and deck building. This is your calling to develop your arsenal of skills!  In the process, you will get the chance to familiarize yourself with the FlyBits team to learn more about their company and opportunities within it.


Without further ado, let’s get hacking! Our teams anticipate seeing what you have in store for us.



Reminder: your submission will be due at 9 AM EST on Saturday (February 26th) and presentations will begin at 10 AM EST on the same day.



You will be required to submit the slide deck that you will be using during your presentation on our Devpost. Your entire presentation should be no more than 5-10 minutes long so that the judges can watch all presentations and make a fair judgment, so keep that in mind as you design the slides. During your presentation, you should discuss the sub-sector that your team has chosen to tackle, and how the solution you have developed will improve that area.  In addition, you can submit a link to the code your team has written to develop your product, as well as a short video where you demo your project (just in case something goes wrong during the live presentation).

In Summary:


  • The slide deck you will be using during your presentation

  • A link to the code your team has written (a GitHub repository, or something similar)

Optional (But Always Good to Have):

  • A short video demo of your project

Hackathon Sponsors


$CAD2,250 in prizes

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Richard Xu

Yolanda Chen

Yvonne Yang

Jason Davies

Balraj Dhillon

Jannine Krish

Justin Lam

Katrina Shiu

Gigi (Yazhi) Hu
Shimmer SDGs Hub

Thaddea Chua

Tural Gulmammadov

Tural Gulmammadov

Pratham Bhoot

Pratham Bhoot
iA Private Wealth

Arda Erturk
Roll Scooters

Shaed Hashim

Shaed Hashim

Kia Muktar

Magnus Ekwunife

Jason Tang

Karim Zeine

Karim Zeine

Hetav Pandya

Hetav Pandya

Joseph Villamizar Lopez

Paul Franc

Paul Franc

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